Arriving in Poland
Disembarking from the ferry in Swinujscie, I drove south towards Szczecin and then on to Zielona Góra and Wroclaw. The road was good compared to many other roads in Poland--not a motorway, but at least the pavement was smooth. And since this was getting close to Christmas Eve, traffic was light.

I stopped on the way to buy gas and to have a cup of coffee at a typical Polish roadside bar. While there are proper rest areas along the motorways, along other roads there are mostly this kind of establishments--modest but usually friendly and very inexpensive.

Finally, after about 7 hours and 480 km, I arrived at my sister's apartment in Wroclaw. The cat was deliriously happy to be liberated from the confines of the car, and my sister and brother-in-law were equally happy to see both of us.

A little later, we sat down to a traditional Polish Christmas meal. These traditions are important here, and my brother-in-law, while he does not go to church, is a believing Catholic. So we ate some traditional dishes, fish but no meat, but at least the meal, like every Polish meal, was liberally sprinkled with vodka. I personally go along with most traditions, as long as they involve food and drink.

During the meal, we wished each other a Merry Christmas and broke the symbolic bread (oblate).