Crossing the Baltic
I took the ferry from Copenhagen to Swinoujscie on the Polish coast. The ferry departed on December 23rd at 9 p.m. and was to reach Poland the next morning at 8. This is what the port of Copenhagen looked like when we departed--not too exciting, and you don't even get to sail past the Little Mermaid. But the ferry is actually an excellent way of getting from Denmark to Poland. You travel overnight, and depending on what you do on board, you arrive in Poland fresh or with a hangover. In my case, knowing that I would have 480 km to drive from Swinujscie to Wroclaw, I treated myself and my cat to a luxury cabin and stayed away from the bars.
The cat was happy to be out of the car and he set out to check out his new surroundings. Of course, I provided for his needs, and we both ended up having a comfortable night's sleep.
The following morning, it was clear that not everyone had survived the night completely unscathed, as evidence of cleanup after drink-induced "accidents" was clearly visible.

I was not the only one travelling with a pet. There were several dogs on board, and of course they needed to be walked in the morning before arrival.