A trip to Poland, December 2005 - January 2006
I left my house in Almere on December 22nd in the morning, with my car filled with my stuff and the cat's stuff -- as always, Taco the Siamese accompanied me on my annual holiday trek to Denmark and Poland.

The plan was to drive to Århus in Denmark to visit my best friend from high school, spend one night there, then go on to Copenhagen the next day, visit some friends there (and the graves of my parents), and then take the overnight ferry from Copenhagen to Swinujscie in the evening, arrive in Poland the next morning and be at my sister's apartment in Wroclaw during the afternoon of December 24th--just in time for the holidays.

I stopped at the Dutch-German border east of Groningen to take a leak and a look at the Dutch landscape before heading east/north.

After an uneventful drive of about 770 km, I arrived in the village of Maarslet, just south of my hometown of Århus, in the afternoon. Lars and I have been friends since our first year of high school, and despite my many moves since we graduated, our friendship has endured. Here he is with his French amie Nanou, whom I had not met before. Nanou and her daughter Julie were visiting from Marseilles.

As is our habit, Lars and I spent the evening and part of the night examining various beers (we are both highly partial to Belgian beer) and solving the world's problems. The next morning I headed to Copenhagen with a severe headache--fortunately, it is only a three-hour drive.

I only spent a few hours in Copenhagen, visiting the cemeteries where my parents are buried, and spending the afternoon with some good friends who live in Brøndby Strand south of the city. As always, Marek and Tamara did not allow me to leave their apartment hungry or thirsty.