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This is my original photography site, built around the PAW project. The PAW is a project conceived by Kyle Cassidy from Philadelphia at the end of 2000 to spur the members of the Leica Users Groupon to go out and take pictures every week instead of bickering about equipment. We are now several people around the world who more or consistently have posted these weekly pictures on our sites since the beginning of 2001. On this site you can see my pictures from 2001 to 2005, and there is also a link to the PAWs from 2006 and onwards.


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Antwerp November 2005
Barcelona September 2005
Perpignan September 2005
Amsterdam Pride 2005
A ride through Friesland
Queen's Day 2005
Berlin reborn
Wroclaw, Poland 2004
Kraków, Poland 2004
2006 and later


  Sal diMarco, 1947-2004

Tribute to my father

Moses is 18 years old!

Denmark/Poland/Czech Republic 2006-2007

Denmark/Poland 2005-2006

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